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Roger Sherman

In this Orcas Currents event, we ventured further into the cultural realms we promised to explore in this lecture and seminar series. On September 24, 2015, well-known Orcas Islander Roger Sherman delivered a multifaceted presentation titled “Harmony of the Spheres: The Music of the Cosmos.” Encompassing music, mathematics, nature, science and history, his talk began at 5:30 p.m. in the Orcas Island Community Church on Madrona Street in Eastsound, Washington.

Roger is the Artistic Director of the Orcas Choral Society, which under his leadership has taken on increasingly challenging arrangements. He is also Associate Organist at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle and host of the weekly Organ Loft radio program on KING-FM.

In his Orcas Currents lecture, Roger explored relationships between numbers and such diverse activities as music, architecture, astronomy, cosmology, science, and religion. The “cosmos” in his subtitle refers to the ancient Greeks’ concept of the inherent orderliness of the natural world, which found expression in their mathematical discoveries about geometry, harmony, and proportion.

This lecture was cosponsored by Coates Vineyards and the Orcas Island Public Library. As with all Orcas Currents events, admission was free, but donations are welcome.

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