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Orcas Currents is a series of public lectures, seminars, and workshops intended to reach wide audiences of interested islanders. It appeals to the diverse sectors of the community wanting to hear what local, regional, national, and international authorities have to say about science, technology, and their impacts on human culture. These events are free and open to all.


Following an extremely successful fourth year of Orcas Currents lectures in 2018, we are looking forward to an equally strong and enlightening series of events in 2019. The Orcas Currents Steering Committee is working to bring you the best lecturers on science, technology, and culture we can find and afford to bring to Orcas Island. Our special focus has been on broadening our offerings into the cultural arena implied by our mission statement.




Russel Barsh on “The Marine Food Web”

Summer brings millions of migratory seabirds, fish, and marine mammals to the San Juan Islands, where hundreds of miles of tightly folded shorelines and nutrient-rich waters foster a dense soup of algae and microscopic crustaceans.

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